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Mailsort Online is a service used for sorting mailing data with the sole purpose of allowing you to obtain mailing discounts from the Royal Mail and other data-access suppliers. It is completely free to pre-sort your, enabling you to check the eligibility of your data and estimate the full mailing costs. The fully processed data files, line listing and other reports will be offered to you for sale, but you are under no obligation to purchase the data.

What is the purpose of registration?

Registration is required to use this online processing system or our desktop application.

The main purpose of registration is to prevent any un-authorised access to the data you upload, the sorted data and reports.

Why do we need your contact details?

Registering and uploading data to our systems constitutes a processing contract between you and us, and therefore we need to collect and store your company and contact details. Should you choose to purchase the sorted data and reports we also need this information for invoicing purposes.

We may use it to contact you in case we spot a problem while processing your data.
We do not use your details for any other purpose, or pass it on to any other parties.

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Welcome to Mailsort Online.

It looks like you are viewing our website on a phone or tablet rather than on a PC. If this is not the case, you need to widen the browser window to see the full website."

Our website is a data-processing service where you can process a mailing list to take advantage of the huge discounts offered by the Royal Mail in connection with the sorted mail schemes they offer, such as Business Mail, Advertising Mail & Publishing Mail (High Sort/Low Sort/Mailmark).

Mailsort Online is a very cost-effective and easy way of getting your data sorted for these services, but you will need to return to the website on a PC or a Mac instead. Some mobile devices have an option to "View Desktop Site" which would also allow you to see the full website.

Kind regards
Mailsort Online

(to find us again, just google: "Mailsort Online" or go straight to www.mailsortonline.com).